Odin Domain Registration Plugin

IP Mirror Odin Service Automation Domain Registration Plugin


The product:

IP Mirror is part of the CSC Digital Brand Services group of companies and are known and trusted for the provision of Domain Name Registration Services. As an addition to their domain registration service they also provide SafestWHOIS™ which serves as a filter between the registrant’s organisation and the public eye by providing alternate contacts in a public whois search, thus keeping privacy protected from competitors, unwanted solicitors or fraudsters. SafestWHOIS™ is tailored to ensure the regitrant information remains confidential.

The Solution:

Through several workshops and discussions we have worked out the best possible solutions within the boundaries of the technology offered by Odin to solve the challenges imposed by the registry authorities expectations. As a we have  long-term relationship with IP Mirror the plugin keeps evolving with additional Domain Names and it is also kept updated with the changing requirements of special attributes and localisation.

We have also implemented the the integration of their SafestWHOIS™ service giving the opportunity for service providers to offer it as an additional service.


Odin Reseller Creation & Branding

Website Mango Reseller

Website Mango

As a Gradwell Cloud reseller we have created a complete branding plan, from creating the company logo to uniquely designed Odin Business Automation storefront and control panel. The main goal of this project was to make sure that the design of the website and storefront stays consistent throughout the whole customer journey and to setup a fully functional hosting platform.

The project included the following work:


APS development

In the world of IT cloud-based computing evolves rapidly. Businesses are having higher and higher expectations form the IT service providers. By implementing solutions with APS 2.0 businesses can stay up to date with the IT cloud evolution. APS is the link between ISVs and Odin Service Automation which can help ISVs to dramatically expand their business.

Camilyo APS package


The product:

Camilyo is a website builder application that offers much more than purely a multi platform website builder. It is equipped with various marketing and commercial capabilities. It has built in tools like Facebook page creator, shopping cart, online diary with booking function, text message and email campaign creation and a built in video and QR code generator.

The Solution:

The client’s initial proposition was to have pre-fixed bundles determined on their side. As per our advice the APS package evolved into a much more flexible product that enables Camilyo to have a more adaptive business model, as the content and restrictions of the bundles can easily be fine tuned once the package is deployed on the service provider’s Odin Service Automation platform.

The package is able to recognise if the user already has a domain name purchased from the same service provider, and in case of an internal domain name the A records can easily be setup with a few clicks from within the customer control panel.

The APS package is gold certified by Odin and can be found in the APS standard catalogue.

IOVOX APS package


The product:

IOVOX allows SMBs to buy localised phone numbers with an addition of a feature-rich call tracking and analytics platform that provides real-time visibility into all aspects of phone traffic. It provides smart functionalities such as call whispers, unique trackable numbers and analytics/reporting on advertising response rates, which enables customers to fine-tune their telephone marketing.

The Solution:

It was a very exciting project for Techno Mango as we were asked to create a fully integrated UI into Odin Service Automation. Apart from provisioning phone numbers and assigning the various forwarding rules our package also displays complex call statistics, that show up to the minute analytics to the customers on their call data within their customer control panel. The APS package also allows providers to fully customise the graph colours on their deployed package to match their brand.

The APS package is gold certified by Odin and can be found in the APS standard catalogue.