As the world of IT cloud-based computing evolves rapidly, the future of any business application is in the cloud. Business customers know it, Service Providers know it, and ISVs know it. As the cloud market continues to grow, you can become an instrumental part of the supply chain for this revolution by delivering your SaaS offering using the Applications Packaging Standard 2 (APS2), making your offerings ready for huge new markets via thousands of Hosters and Service Providers ready to accept APS 2 packaged solutions for distribution. APS2 is the leading packaging standard in this space, and businesses worldwide are getting on board.
APS 2 is the link between your business and Odin Service Automation which can help your business dramatically expand.

Benefits of APS 2


You had a bad experience with APS 1.x?

If you had a bad experience with APS 1.x and want to switch to a new, future proofed 2.+ version that is developed and certified quickly and has a steady support contract, talk to Techno Mango NOW.